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We are Chanin Houston and Erin Rose O'Connor. We are knitters, sci-fi lovers, vegans, friends to animals and friends to each other. We are knitting nerds.
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Drawings using graphite, tape, and resin by Brooks Shane Salzwedel

These are BEAUTIFUL.

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Ugh, stop trying to make fetch happen!

(I totally feel a series of Mean Girls yarns coming on)

So Fetch handspun yarn, available in my Etsy shop -

I want to eat this yarn. 

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All that’s left is weaving in ends (so many of them) and blocking! #knitting

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DIY Origami Bow Tie Tutorial from Fiber Lab here. I initially didn’t post this because I thought it was really really difficult, then a new post with more instructions came out. For more Father’s Day DIYs (like a 3D foldable tool box card) go to my kids’ craft blog here:

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Tattoo idea?

Tattoo idea?



Finished the first 38 rounds of colorwork so I’m taking a break to weave in ends. Please don’t ask me the number of times I’ve had to frog the rounds because I found out I screwed up on the pattern. ;_;

I don’t know if I’ll ever brave a project such as this one. But it looks wonderful so far!

This is insane!